Maria Vincenza Cabizza

Honors degree from Conservatorio G. Verdi of Milan with a thesis entitled: « Come combattere gli stereotipi sulla musica contemporanea, in poche semplici mosse » (How to fight contemporary music stereotypes in few simple steps)

Her composition "Sì (I’m smiling)" took part in Festival Milano Musica in 2018

In 2021 won the selection for Biennale di Venezia, “Biennale College – music section” division

In 2020 chosen as joung composer fror Ulysses Network

Singers arrangement (Neue Vocal Solisten) for the piece "The difference between being and staying", Biennale di Venezia 2021

Numerous collaborations with internationally known artists

Actually carrying an artistic research project in collaboration with Orpheus Instituut of Ghent and Conservatorio of Milan and Florence, about the development of new strategies to improve the communication skill of contemporary music, keeping an artistic point of view

Collaborations with young great talented interpreters