Maria Vincenza Cabizza

About Me


Maria Vincenza Cabizza is born in Sassari in 1991.

She studied composition at the Sassari Conservatory with Luca Macchi, continuing her studies at the Milan Conservatory with Gabriele Manca, where she graduated in 2023 with top marks and honours.

Her music has been performed in important concert institutions and by numerous ensembles including: the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Divertimento Ensemble, the MDI Ensemble, Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the Teatro Litta in Milan, the Qingdao University Concert Hall in China and the Pontine Music Festival.

She was selected to participate in composition masterclasses with Francesco Filidei, Mauro Lanza, Stefano Gervasoni, Fabien Lévy, Helmut Lachenmann, Hanspeter Kyburz, Giogio Netti, Marco Stroppa and Daniele Ghisi.

She has received commissions from several institutions, including ManiFeste Académie-ircam Center Pompidou in Paris and the Divertimento Ensemble in Milan.

In 2018 her opera "Sì (I 'm smiling)" was performed at the Milano Musica Festival and, in 2019, she won the International Workshop for Young Composers-IDEA.

In 2021 she was chosen by the Venice Biennale ("Biennale College - Music section") for the commission of a work for 5 voices, performed in September of the same year by the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart at the Biennale.

In 2022 she was composer in residence for the Divertimento Ensemble, as part of a project that involves the performance of five works (two of which in the first performance) and the recording of a monographic CD, soon published by the Stradivarius record company, for the “Times Futures” series.

In the same year she was selected for the ManiFeste Festival in Paris, which commissioned “Tutto” for ensemble, performed by the Ensemble Intercontemporain, directed by Jean Deroyer.

Since 2020 she has represented Italy as a young composer for the Ulysses Network. In November 2022 she received the first overall prize at the Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition, in the category “Composition for string quartet”.

In 2023 she was guest composer of the "Casa del Quartetto" at the Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia, for which she wrote the piece "A 706 chilometri di distanza" for string octet which was premiered in Reggio Emilia, was performed in Marseille and will be performed in Bordeauxin the next few years. In the same year, her piece “8: il ballo delle occhiate” for launeddas, mandolin and ensemble was performed within the project “INSULAE MARIS NOSTRI LES ILES DE NOTRE MER” aimed at deepening and disseminating the musical traditions of the Mediterranean; the piece, performed in Marseille in October 2023, will be performed in various Mediterranean cities in 2024, by the Ensemble Télémaque of Marseille.

In November 2023 she won the Rancati prize, as the best graduated in composition of the year.

In December 2023 she wrote a new work for solo voice for Ljuba Bergamelli (first performance at the Nuova Consonanza Festival). Her next project will be: a trio piece (piano, violin and cello) for Accademia Santa Cecilia in Rome and a piece for organ for the Amici della Musica of Padova (whose first performance will take place at the end of 2024).

At the same time as her activity as a composer, she is working on a research project aimed at developing and testing new strategies for curating the listening experience, aimed at improving the communicative means of contemporary music, while maintaining an artistic point of view.